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Czech Trip 2022 - Day 8

Bastogne and Home....

The last day started with breakfast at Carpini and then we packed and left. We had paid on arrival and so with reception unmanned we simply packed the bikes and left. I had re-arranged some of my luggage to make sure that the snow globes were in the top box and surrounded by clothes. I also wrapped each one in a clean sock.

Leaving Carpini

Leaving Carpini

We set off for Bastogne. Phil at the front and me at the rear. It took about 55 minutes to get there and we parked up in the special bays for motorcycle. All you need is our own padlock or a disc lock like I used.

Moto Lockers at the Museum

Moto Lockers at the Museum


It was then that Giles couldn't find his wallet. he had everything out and it was nowhere to be seen. The last time we had paid for anything was the restaurant about 10pm the night before when we all paid €22 for our pizzas and beers. He called the hotel and they had a look in the room and couldn't find it. He decided to ride back and meet us later. I lent him the €30 in cash I had in case it was lost and he needed petrol. We said we'd go in the museum and meet him in Dinant that was to be our lunch stop. Off he went back to the hotel to check for himself.

Phil and I took the audio tour of the museum. I took a few photos. Al they ask is that flash is turned off. Easy enough to do on the phone. The audio tour introduces you to four characters and as you progress through the museum, they provide commentary and details of their live. Two are local, a boy and a teacher, the others are a US soldier in the 101st Airborne and the last a Wehrmacht officer.


The story of the siege and the resulting US Army relief of the town is told as you progress. There are several dioramas and movies, one in 3D to tell the story. You need to go to see how magnificent this is.


Giles Whatsapp'd us to say that he was on his way to Dinant and would bypass us on the motorway and that his wallet had gone missing. Presumed someone picked it up and kept it. it had cards and his driving licence but hardly any cash money. I programmed TomTom for Dinant only using TomTom My Drive app. And off we went. I turned off and Phil disappeared from view.

He had stopped to speak to Giles and I hadn't seen him. I got on the N4 northwards and waited at the side of the road. All three of us knew where we were going and so I set off. As it was taking along time to appear on the signposts I pulled into a petrol station and filled up thinking that I could check the map in the top box, when Phil came past and stopped. I paid and we set off. I followed him. We finally made it to the large motorcycle park right on the river. Phil sent a WhatsApp message to Giles to give the location. We had a coffee as we waited.

image-5f09d410-c917-48d6-a1c7-0ba947af2f8a.jpgimage-47f9b929-3e0f-4867-9ea1-57f3adbcc985.jpgimage-82f19c3d-7fb6-4af4-b891-30af67698e48.jpgBritish Classic Stinkwheels on Tour

British Classic Stinkwheels on Tour

Once re-united it was all hands to the pump and don't spare the horses to get to Dunkerque. We were a little late and we were supposed to check-in two hours before sailing. At 4pm. We arrived at 5.14pm and sailed right through and in a matter of minutes onto the ship. We even had a crew member tie the bikes down. Phew!



Giles in motion

Giles in motion

All strapped down on the DFDS Ferry.

All strapped down on the DFDS Ferry.

Once in Dover we waited for a tug to take an unaccompanied trailer off and then we were off into the Dover evening. The others were staying in a B&B in Folkestone and also wanted fuel, and so as we went past the BP on the A20 near Western Docks I waved then goodbye and went home.

All in all an eventful trip.

The start mileage on the odometer when I rode away on Day 1 was 10077 and on return is is 12298. A total mileage of 2221 miles for the trip.

Lessons learned:

  • Take full textile kit and full length boots as you can't tell what the weather will be like.
  • Try to plan shorter days in the saddle.
  • Check whether the TomTom upgrade that has caused the problems is solved before going away.
  • Take larger scale maps!

And that is it really. Next year the Rally is in Southern Moravia near Znojmo..... :)

Timeline 1st June 2022

Timeline 1st June 2022

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