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Awaycation France - Day 5

Up early. We decided that leaving late was wasting the opportunities to see places on the way between A and B.

Today A was Lassiviere and D was Camping Rivière at Les Eyzies de Tayac on the Vezere river.

B was to be Salers. Claire stayed there some 55 years ago when a little girl on a trip with her parents and sister. So I had to build that in to any trip. The satnav has several options and despite it being around 40kms from the campsite as the crow flies, it's nearer 80 kms on the truck/Moho route. She would be so excited to go back. Something that maybe might be a disappointment?

Saying that to get across to the D3 we were directed up a narrow lane with lots of bends and climbs. Suzi doesn't really like climbs. Our first stop on the A to B leg was at Riom es Montagnes. We did quite a few trips around the village to get fuel at the otherwise closed Carrefour. This was the cheapest we have seen all week at (only!!!) €1.999 a litre. I filled the tank with this fuel they must have diluted gold dust or diamonds in!!

We also found a boulangerie open and bought supplies. Bread and pain de chocolats.

The drive across country to Salers was fraught with the occasional narrow bit, but generally the tarmac was smooth and the roads flowing like silk. Perfect for motorcycles! There were quite a few out and about enjoying the freedom and the smooth billiard table surfaces...

We had a late breakfast stop at the Col de la Besseyre. The pain de chocolats and coffee. I turned the LPG on and we used it for the first time. Success!

DSC_2988.JPGThanks to Cyclisme dot com

Thanks to Cyclisme dot com

As it was so sunny up there, the Nikon D50 decided to have "a moment" and none of the pictures that include the col sign came out. So I have borrowed one from Col Cyclisme as they took theirs with a better camera or a less sunny day, or both.

At Salers we parked in the camping-car parking just outside the city wall. There's a blanket €4 charge. I didn't see how long that was for.

The camping-car parking appears on the Campercontact website and app.

Compared with Semur this place is buzzing. Loads of bars. Loads of shops. All open. All wanting their share of the tourist cash. Who can blame them?

I bought a lump of St Nectaire and another of the local Salers cheeses. I also bought two cheese soufflés. These looked like what the Americans laughingly call "muffins" but tasted like a cheese scone. We had these for lunch.


Once Claire had been down memory lane at the Hotel des Remparts we back tracked to the Van. Reggie had been very good but it was getting hotter.

We then set off for C - the Chateau de Val near Bort les Orgues. I have visited a few times since we went as a family back in 1979. We laughingly call it "the old family pile". Devall? Our name? My Grandad, Charlie, had a picture of it from a magazine.


We had time for Reggie to have a paddle and then cool off by lying in the water, before returning to the Van for lunch. Diet Coke and the soufflés!

My brother Neill and his mate Patrick are on tour and will be there. I didn't realise it will be tomorrow before they arrive at the Chateau. I thought it was today and WhatsApped him to say we couldn't wait!!

We then set off for D. The campsite at Les Eyzies. We chose the autoroute rather than non-toll. We had cut it fine once already and the other we arrived 50 minutes after reception had closed. This time we arrived with over an hour to spare.

The campsite is across the river from the town. Apparently a kilometre to walk. Depending on how hot it is we can do that tomorrow. Today is has been as high as 31 °C and it is too hot for Reggie's feet on the pavements.

After check-In we got the leccy connection setup and went across for a drink. We needed it!!!


We drank and Reggie snoozed.

Dinner tonight was some baguette, russian salad and some of the cheese bought in Salers. Washed down with local vin rose.


Then a walk to look at the strangely brown river. No access to it from here. I googled to see why it is brown and the only thing I could find was the Gironde being brown due to silt. Maybe this is the same?

So what to do tomorrow?

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