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Awaycation Winter Sun

I have a rough route planned down from Calais to the Franco-Spanish border. The last trip where we used the toll motorways at the start and then occasionally during the fortnight cost us around £55 in tolls.

We should land in France around 1220pm. So I think we'll realistically only have three to four hours on the road to the first stop. As I mentioned previously I have been looking at "Aires", free to stay "wild camping" sites and also Camping-Car Parks. The latter are bookable in advance and cost around €10 per night. This is primarily because looking at the various camping site booking websites it looks as though the French campsite industry packs up in October! Even many on the Mediterranean are closed up for the winter.

I have joined Camping-Car Parks for a nominal fee and have the membership card. Whether I'll pre-pay with it I haven't decided. Booking looks to be the right solution though. And you can book through the phone app on the same day. Once reserved you are then admitted through the barrier and onto the site. it is supposed to mean that once booked you are guaranteed a pitch! we'll see f the practice matches the theory maybe!

In November the days will be shorter and so fewer hours on the road. Something to think about. The Camping-Car site has the Aires they manage plus a lot of campsites they have taken over. Sadly it seems that these have no facilities after the end of October either! I don't mind not having a shower, but a toilet is pretty much essential!!!

There has been a lot of "discussion" on the Motorhome Fun forum about campsites in France. In the end as far as I can see it is personal choice. On our last trip we stayed in a variety of sites. Some that were pretty sparse and nearer to nature (although with leccy and ablution facilities) and some a bit too much like holiday camps! There is no right answer. Some hate the idea, and some love them.

I understand that many people pay £50000 (and a lot more!) for a motorhome with its included lav and shower. I understand they want to stop somewhere scenic and camp there. Good luck to them. I'd do that if I knew that I wasn't going to have a knock on the door from the local police to bugger off half way through the night. Or a visit from the other side of the law coin.

I also don't want to spend my holiday cheek by jowl in a glorified car-park with my neighbours every utterance or fart sounding as though they were sitting in my van on my settee! I have passed aires whilst on the bike and thought that it wasn't for me. Vans and caravans squeezed in nice and tight with barely enough room to open the habitation door! Not for me!

So for a first night I think it will be the Camping-Car site near Evreux or the one nearby at St Andre, both to the south of Rouen. Both around €10 a night.

The route down from Calais is made up of a large amount of dual carriageway roads. After the shock (we knew if would be a large-ish cost!) of using the toll motorways on the last trip, we are looking to save a few quid and plan routes that are toll-free. Evreux and St Andre can be booked on the hoof as it were and so can decide once we have hit the beach at Calais.

Where from there? It does depend on where the Camping-Car aires are and whether they are easily accessible. There is one to the north of Limoges at Saint-Pardoux that looks about 250 miles for the day. A lot of it on the D2020 (The old N20) and the A20.

Received wisdom is that the most westerly route so I have had a look along that route as well and Saint-Genis is to the north of Bordeaux.

Ideally if the target is to cross into Spain from the Med then this will need us to cross France to the north of the Pyrenees!

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