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Awaycation Winter 2022 - Day 15

rain 6 °C

If anyone is reading the blog entries. I hope they aren't too boring. I actually write them as reminders for myself and Claire of the trips we've done, and for friends and relatives to know where we are. If anyone else finds them interesting, then that's great....

Today was the day we finally turned north. From today it will be ever northwards until we are home.

Once the chores were done we paid the final bill. Because it was so cold we had used 13kWh of electric. We had 8kWh included in the overnight tariff, leaving 5 to pay for a 45¢ per kWh. Not too bad.

The route to our overnight stop at the municipal campsite in Zaragoza was to go about 5 miles and then turn onto the N232 all the way.

The first stop was Morella where my brother Neill and I stayed in September. I missed out the free Aire and parked by the aquaduct. Of course getting Reggie to walk anywhere was impossible. We set off and then gave up.

Wiki entry on Aquaduct


Back on the N232 through mist and then sunshine as we entered Aragón. A stop at a roadside café for coffee and a donut 🍩 and we were off again.


As we approached Alcaníz I thought about stopping at Motorland. A photo opportunity not to be missed.

We made a stop by the lake for a Reggie pee-break.


Next stop Motorland. Not the way they forced bikes arriving from the south into some back roads, but the way we came out.

The barriers were closed around much of it but it was open on the parking where we parked for MotoGP. I went in there and parked by the wall. Every other section has Motorland embossed into it.


A few pix and we were off again. We could have had lunch here, but instead headed back to the N232. Looking for a place we came across the parking Bajo Aragón. We had past it in September and hadn't stopped

I had to make a U-turn into it and park up. It looks as though it's actually the old road. It's very muddy on the right where trucks have churned it up...

More photo ops here for both phone and Canon.


Once lunch was over it was the run up to Zaragoza. We arrived at the campsite around 4pm. Setup. Leccy works again!


Then a walk up to the onsite bar to give Reggie a walk after his tea and for us to have a drink. Beer 🍺 for me and coffee for Claire.


The temperature was down to about 6 °C and it is due to get colder as the evening progresses.

Tonight we will have chicken korma and rice. We bought some chicken pieces and have a jar of korma. Should do two nights.

Tomorrow is a public holiday in Spain and so we may have to rely on what we have in case stores are shut. The Mercadona across from the campsite is closed. Probably others will be as well.

One more might after this in Spain and then we are back in France. Tomorrow we head for campsite in Haro in La Rioja. It's another dog-leg of a trip but many of the aires on the more direct route from here didn't look that nice and open campsites seemed very rare.

Bed made up...


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All right, thanks for sharing your great stories! ~ Happy trails! ~

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