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May 2022

Czech Trip 2022 - Hotel Pilzeň

Stayed here last night. Right in the centre. Secure parking for €6 per car space. Easily fits up to 4 motorcycles. Really good rooms and excellent buffet breakfast. Thoroughly recommended.



(Blog entry sent from Yahoo Mail. The photo looks okay on my phone, not sideways as it appears here.)

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Czech Invader Rally Trip - May 2022

Comfortable on the bike

The test of the Hommiesafe airseat wasn't the miracle I was searching for. Tweaking the air in it to get comfort wasn't too successful. It barely has any in it.

So after years of thinking about it I bought some lycra lout padded shorts. If they can help with cyclists arse pain, then maybe me too on Vera!


Fingers, no, buttocks crossed ..

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Awaycation France - AHC

All sorted!


After getting the vet to send the necessary paperwork to the online vets, and me sending them my half separately, it was a case of wait and see.... With these things you never know whether you have done it right or not. And then...


A message arrived from Abbeywell Vets asking for the payment.... That's done. I asked for the AHC to be valid from the 27th June and we travel on the 29th. So that's another thing out of the way before I head off to Czech next week. It's another £99 spent!

At least the rabies jab lasts three years and so if we decide to go away again the the EU next year we can get a new AHC for a much reduced price. Our own vets wanted £200 for the AHC! I was thinking about going much earlier next year and for longer! Get our monies worth!

Reggie couldn't care less!

Reggie couldn't care less!

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Czech Invader Rally Trip - May 2022

Day 3 - The plan anyway!

Once we have enjoyed what Plzeň has to offer the Englishman Abroad we need to get across the country from west to east and the Rally site. I had a few things planned for the way across and in the end I dropped most of them apart from the Church of Bones in Kutná Hora and a side trip of around 5 miles to "bag" Poland.

In addition, I have planned a short stop to see my former student and friend Rosta Kříž in Hradec Králové. We should make good progress as the road from Plzeň as far as Hradec Králové, the D11, is mostly motorway. It's after that where we will be on ordinary roads.

To "bag" Poland on the trip I am hoping that the border between the two countries near Boboszów is not manned so that we can ride straight through and back out again unmolested. If not I guess we bluff it or turn around! On Google Maps Streetview it looks simple enough with just signs explaining the speed limits etc. The reality might be different! If you know better then comment away!

Once back into Czech we head along the roads to Vernířovice. I have another fuel stop planned before we get to the rally hotel. This is to ensure that should the club have a ride out on Saturday we have full tanks.

And that should be it. A nice relaxing evening catching up with things and hopefully Phil and Giles picking up the long distance awards!

Czech Trip Day Three

Czech Trip Day Three

Boboszow PL

Boboszow PL

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Czech Invader Rally Trip - May 2022

Day 2

The second day starts near the Rhein and ends in the Czech Republic in Plzeň. It's a fair old drag but once again a mixture of scenic and motorway to knock off the miles.

The start of the day sees us head back a little towards Koblenz and then along the Rhein on the northern bank to Rüdesheim am Rhein and towards Frankfurt, now on the A3. After about 90 miles of motorway we drop off and join the Romantic Road to Rothenburg ob der Tauber. After that it will be all motorway to the Czech border and to Plzeň.

I have planned in a stop at the motorrad parking in Rothenberg so the team can see the old buildings that form the medieval centre of the city. And maybe the Christmas shops!

The day looks to be about 350 miles but we should make good progress on the motorways! I have only once stopped in Plzeň for a quick lunch stop many years ago. Hopefully if we leave the hotel after breakfast around 9.30am we should be in Plzeň around 6pm. Plenty of time to enjoy a walk around and maybe a few of the local beers that the city is very famous for. It is where Pils comes from!

Czech Trip Day Two

Czech Trip Day Two

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New keys for Suki - Part 3

After the success of the new habitation keys for Suki, today we took her back to JC Leisure in Rye so that the "key man" can make a new ignition key. We asked fob style key that includes the remote locking for the doors as well as the ignition.

As I am away next week for the trip on the motorcycle to the Czech Republic I asked could we leave it there until I get back on June 1st. So the drive is free of Suki. it means I can get the garage open and pull the bike out without shuffling the car and Suki backwards and forwards!

At least that is one thing off my mind so I can concentrate on the Czech Trip.

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Czech Invader Rally Trip - May 2022

Day 1

The first day is liable to be a long one! Mileage wise it is about 320 miles with about two-thirds of it on motorway/autobahn. One fly in the ointment is that to get from the coast to Germany means having to negotiate the Brussels ring-road. In my experience only getting through or past Antwerp is worse!

One off the A3 just inside Germany we play tag with the border before the first stop at the Bikers Ranch. Lunch. I hope. From then we are on a meandering route to try and get in as many "green" or "scenic" roads as shown on the Michelin Maps.

We have had an email from the hotel in Bad Ems to say that the reception in closed and we need to phone to get someone to open up for us. The restaurant/bar is closed but there are alternatives nearby. "On the Road" we always choose hotels with restaurants/bars either onsite or nearby to save riding the bikes and also so we can have a beer or two!!

Czech Trip Day One

Czech Trip Day One

So five days to go!

I suppose I had better start looking at what to take. With limited carrying capacity exacerbated by the problem with Europe is that you simply canty guarantee the weather, is what to wear on the bike!

Do I go full waterproof textiles? Or maybe Hood Kevlar jeans and lighter jacket with waterproof over gear?

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Since joining this site and the forum, it has been really useful.

Of course it will be Eurocentric but there's plenty of advice on the forum.



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Awaycation France - All Paid Up!

As I am going to be away next week on the motorcycle trip to the rally in the Czech Republic, I thought I'd chase up the last booking from this trip.

The booking is for the last two nights of the trip at the Chateau de Drancourt near St Valery sur Somme. I had booked it through pitchup.com and was unable to see how I could pay the balance as pitchup said that it was to be paid on arrival.  However, the paperwork in the emails back from Drancourt said it has to be paid a month before going and online.  Except it didn't appear when I logged in. :(

I tried on the off chance I logged in today and it appeared in my account. So I paid it. :)

It's a bit earlier than necessary but it is out of the way and sorted.  I can go away next week and not have it in the back of my mind.

The AHC for Reggie should be sorted. I am a little nervous about that and hopefully I didn't miss anything when I read and re-read and re-read the vets instructions and also the government website. I am sure it is easier once you have done it once.

Now to concentrate on the Czech Rally trip and put this trip aside for a few weeks.

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Awaycation France - AHC

Reggie gets his Rabies Jab

With the online application ready to send off, Reggie had his rabies jab this morning. The vets will have sent off the form for us directly to the online AHC vets. I had to send a separate firm to them. Hopefully they will be mated up together at their end

So far it's £82 invested in the rabies jab. Once they have the forms they will get back and want the £99 payment

I set the collection date as 27th June as that's two days before we set off for France. The AHC needs to be done up to ten days before departure.

Let's hope there are no cockups.

Online AHC.

Government Advice on AHC

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New keys for Suki - Part 2

The right keys this time!

Hurrah! The right keys have arrived this time. I tried them immediately and they work as they should. Now just waiting for the the other set to wend their way back to the the sellers for a refund.

Maybe next time (if there is one) I need to take a little more time selecting the keys with the same numbers but from different batches and styles.


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Czech Invader Rally Trip - May 2022

A week to go....

sunny 19 °C
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Just a week before we set off for the east of the Czech Republic for the local Suzuki Owners Club Rally. In fact, Phil and Giles will actually be setting off on Tuesday to come across from the west country to Dover. For me it's a 14 mile ride from door to door (as it were!).

As well as having everything printed I will have some of the details on my phone. In fact, I'll have multiple copies of all the stuff I need to have with me. One in the tank bag and others (!) in the top box. Belt and braces!

Today I copied the routes from MyRouteApp to the TomTom. At the same time I saw that there are map updates for Europe and the US. I don't usually bother with the US upgrades but whilst I am at it I might as well let it run.. 🤯

The updater came up to say that to do the download would take 10124 hours.... it changed before I could get a photo... to 1 hour 24 mins. Phew.

I also downloaded and installed the DFDS app to my phone and logged in. It shows the last check-in time to be 7.15am for the ferry we are booked on. I will aim for well before 7am arrival at the docks. Looks like a very early start. Just like going to work! The app also says that you can enter the API (Advance Passenger Information) using the app. I can't find that and so whilst I still have a laptop to hand I entered my passport details for the booking through the website! Is it worth an email to DFDS to ask about the app? Hardly worth it now.

Today it is a day for changing the bikes over in the garage and relegating the Suzi the Kettle to the back and getting Vera Strom to the front and giving her a check over. She is well within the service limits and the tyres are almost new. A bit of oil on the chain. I'll use the Scottoiler oil I have left over from when I had one fitted to the Kettle.

Oh and of course the UK sticker needs to be found a place! maybe on the back of the pannier? Which side? Decisions eh!

And finally. I have to fit and tune the new air seat cover to my butt's needs. The V-Strom is a really good motorcycle. It does everything you would expect from a 1000cc v-twin. The gearbox is slick and typically Suzuki in operating but... the seat is terrible. I have tried using the Alaska Leathers sheepskin pad that I have used before on the BMW and Triumphs (since 2004!) I have had in the past. But to no avail. After fifty miles it feels like my butt cheeks are numbed and then painful!

So I bought a Hommiesafe inflatable seat cover.

Hommiesafe Air Seat.jpg

It gets great write ups on the V-Strom forums. It needs only a little air in it to take the pressure off. I will fit it and see about a few test rides to fine tune it. Perhaps ride up to Arsenal for the last game of the season on Sunday rather than take the train. It's 75 miles each way?

That 1h 24m turned out to be nearer 3 hours in the end before it had downloaded the maps and the other little changes and then installed on the 410. Still, that's it for another three or four months.

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Czech Invader Rally Trip - May 2022

View Czech Invader 2022 on InvictaMoto's travel map.

Checking the routes in MyRouteApp for the first two days as we cross Germany, I saw a few problems. There are three of us on the trip and only one has a bike that will cruise along with a huge mileage.

Vera the V-Strom has a 20 litre tank and I would estimate that after about 175 miles she will be on fumes. Both days have an element of motorway in them where we will plug along at 70 or so (cough) and then a load of more winding roads.

A few tweaks and the fuel stops are added to the routes for both days. I try where possible to have a fuel stop as close to the hotel/B&B overnight stop so that we start the next morning and are away on the journey with no need to stop too soon.

It will be an early start. We have to be checking in at DFDS in Dover by about 7am for the 8am crossing. All our docs and covid passport stuff needs to be available. At least it is something we can't blame on Brexit!

Arrival time in Dunkerque is around 11am local time and then we need to get a move on on the first part of the journey that will see us cross Belgium with one stop for fuel. The idea is to get to the Bikers Ranch in Simmerath for a late lunch. Bratwurst hopefully. Then it's across country to the first overnight near Koblenz. It will be a long day, but the hotel has its own restaurant and bar.

Two weeks today and we will be on the way back!

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MotoGP Aragón


Everything is in place and planning came to a bit of a halt. We have paid Eurotunnel and I have filled in the API information.

The routes haven't changed much at all and I need to download them from Neill's MyRouteApp nearer the time. The hotels that were discarded have been cancelled on booking.com.

Tickets have yet to go on sale. So when they do we can see what the prices are and where we want to sit. Until then...


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New keys for Suki

I ordered new keys for Suki as we only had one set. Unfortunately, I ordered the right number but the wrong style. So when we got back today from Staycation Devon I tried them! 🤯

I emailed the supplier and they replied straight away. I attached some photos of the keys. They sent the correct links and I have re-ordered. The others are packaged up to send back tomorrow. Hoping for a refund.


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