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May 2022

Staycation - Back of Beyond to Brixham

We were up early. When you have a dog and are in a confined space, when he is awake so are you. 

We were all three of us ready for breakfast when we went over to collect fresh baguettes and croissants. We opted for one baguette between two for breakfast with Claire's homemade marmalade. 


Then we were off. Emptying the grey water at the service point, then on the A35 with the first destination of West Bay near Bridport. 

The A35 was again busy even though we had left the site before 11am.

One of the problems in this area seems to be the dual carriageway roads become single lane, this leads to tailbacks as the traffic has to merge. The same happens on the A303 near Stonehenge.

In fact the first stop turned out to be the at the Tolpuddle Martyrs Museum, in er, Tolpuddle. The museum wasn't open but I managed to take a photo. Tolpuddle Martyrs website


At West Bay we found a parking area for motorhomes near to the old station. There is a buffet in a short length of carriages. At £1.50 an hour it's cheaper than at home. We had a walk around the harbour and along the promenade to look at the cliffs and see the gang gliders, some up close. A coffee and biscuit at Windy Corner Cafe at Helmet City.


From West Bay we set off back onto the A35 westwards with the next stop being Dawlish Warren.

This is where my brother and I came quite a few years in the 60's with our parents and grandparents.

The A35 and then A30 was pretty packed and it suffered the same two into one traffic system!

We finally arrived by following the river Exe rather than the route I had expected. This is a little narrower than I would have liked for the Van. We arrived as planned and I parked in the beach road car park. Another £2.10 for an hour's parking.

When we were kids, where the car park is now was where the circus and fairground was.  Now it is concreted over. The bridge under the railway is still there and still a bit low. I didn't risk the Van.

I bought a cheap straw hat that seems to owe more to plastic that straw. It might get the heave-ho in favour of something else made in China... We went under the bridge, loo visit, then an ice-cream and then a walk along the promenade to the bridge over the railway to the Van.

The sea wall is much higher than I remembered from around 55 years ago. The jumble of rocks between the beach and the wall are pretty much there to break up the waves. I wonder if the brown plastic shoe I lost there is still somewhere under those rocks. My foot got caught and it came off when I pulled it free.


As we crossed the bridge, a train came.  Expecting Reggie to go mad he seemed  confused that there was no whistle and no smoke. Electric is like that.

The last leg of the journey to Brixham also took and unexpected turn. I hadn't expected a trip through the centre of Brixham. In the end we arrived at the Garden House from the opposite direction. A quick reverse round the corner in the road opposite and I was parked. Quite chuffed actually at my driving and parking skills.

We were met by the owner.  A very nice welcome and we unpacked the Van. A coffee and a shortbread later and a chance to sit down .. Then dinner and some TV before bed.

Tomorrow, we will stay local to relax a bit. My brother and niece, Eleanor, are visiting tomorrow. Neill is down to visit her in Exeter. It was her birthday today. Don't ask me how old she is!! 😉

P.S. The hat must go.

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Staycation - Back of Beyond

Was up early to find that Reggie was on the bed between us. He seemed to have half the bed and we made do with the rest.

After breakfast the first stop was NT property Kingston Lacy. Some long walks later and we were feeling a bit knackered.

IMG_2714.JPGIMG_2720.JPGIMG_2749.JPGIMG_2732.JPGIMG_2726.JPGIMG_2771.JPGMG Midget?

MG Midget?

Rather than come back to the site we headed for Corfe Castle. It was supposed to be 20 miles away. It seemed like twice that.

A mistake led us to park by the nearby station. We had to pay. The NT car park was free to members.

On the long walk to the castle we came across the Swanage Railway. A heritage steam railway. Reggie went mad as soon as the train whistled!

Photos to follow. I had given the Canon EOS an outing. But like a complete dunderhead I forgot the adapter to read the SD card on the phone!!


The visitor centre was closed and so we went back over the railway in time to see the train coming back.


Heavy traffic around Poole and Bournemouth was a bit of a bummer but we were back about 6pm.

A chance encounter with a Tesco with diesel at 176.9 had us on a short detour.

Back at Back of Beyond we adjourned to the bar for a drink. Cider Mojito for Claire and a pint of Piddle Cocky for me.


Tonight we eat in at home. Chilli we made and froze in the week.

Tomorrow. We head to Brixham.

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Staycation - Home to the Back of Beyond

Arrived at the Back of Beyond!

Yes, the campsite is really called Back of Beyond.

We arrived about 1730. Around 4 hours after we set off from home. Not too bad. The roads were were mostly running freely apart from the M3 between the M25 and Bagshot in Surrey. That was a stranded lorry in lane 2 of the marvellously named "smart motorway". Everyone got into two lanes as instructed. Well not everyone. You always have the 🤡 that still bowl down the empty lanes to within a few feet of the incident.

I have seen this in France but often they set up a camera "for protection" and take the numbers of the cars and down the road they stop and ticket the drivers! Too right I say.

The stop at Fleet for Reggie's dinner and loo break and our coffee and cake was close to 40 mins.

Just short of the end of the journey there was a brief hold up as we had to file onto a contraflow at Ringwood. They are replacing and old bridge that was the west bound side of the dual carriageway. The A35 is pretty busy all day.

And then we arrived. Checked in easily. Pitch 105. Our own not shared electricity hook-up. Unlike last week, the cable was long enough.

Once parked and hooked up we went across to the bar. For a drink and then when the outside caterers arrived, we bought dinner. Fish and chips for Claire. Sausage and chips for me. It was okay. A complaint you rarely hear - too many chips! The sausage was not very nice.

We got the chairs and table out and ate alfresco.


Then a walk to check out the facilities and the rubbish bins, before a walk in the woods. It was still light but jumpers were needed.

So blog time. Kindle time then loo time and then bed.

What to do tomorrow?


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Staycation - Three go to Devon Again

On the Road...

On the way at about 1.30pm. The Satnav days 3.35h to get to the Back of Beyond Campsite.

Keeping to 60mph meant we arrived at scheduled pee stop for Reggie and coffee and cake for us was about two hours.

From home the Satnav decided it was 155 miles.

At Fleet Services Reggie had his dinner and we had a Starbucks and a cake from Waitrose that we bought this morning.


Before I forget. May 4th - Star Wars Day.


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Staycation - Three go to Devon Again

Only .. 24 hours from Ringwood...

So today there was the distraction of the Suzuki being booked into a local motorcycle shop for some work planned weeks ago before the idea of leaving for Devon on the 4th... May the fourth be with you...


This somewhat held up packing. Why we are worrying I do not know. In the past we have toured by motorcycle and been restricted to one bag in one pannier each...

Anyway. Almost there.

Before the France trip I have looked for a local vet that can do the AHC. Our own vet wanting £200!!! That might be solved. I also applied for a Crit'Air sticker to enter some of the French cities on high pollution days. Maybe more of them need a Park'n'Ride system in place using electric buses, of course.

Too late for this trip I found a place to get a replacement set of keys for the Van's doors and equipment lockers. There are three different ones needed! The previous owners must have had two sets. But they aren't responding to the dealers calls. The fact they removed the calor gas bottles maybe shows what arses they are...

So all that is needed now is to get a spare ignition key before France.

As for this trip we are almost ready to leave. Stuff mostly packed ..

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The Van with No Name

The "Van with No Name" by rights ought to have been renamed "Clint" but instead we decided to name it "Suki".

"A boy called Sue" is an inspiration for a "A Van Called Suki"!

A Van Called Suki

A Van Called Suki

Comments as usual welcomed!

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