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Awaycation France - One Day to go

So today the new mirror arrived around 3.45pm. I was in the van and off the Fairways at Dymchurch to get it fitted. It was a good job I didn't try it myself as it was more than the ten minute job it looked like.

The one they sent looks like a longer arm than the one they took off. It went on with loads of fiddling with the wiring. The biggest problem is that the original mirror also contains the radio aerial! The new pattern part doesn't. This means that the radio is dead. At least the cd player will work.

What this means is that the Ohrex Satnav can't give us voice directions at it uses FM radio to transmit!!! Bowlocks. Another problem came to light. Even though all the left indicators work, there's error on the the instrument panel. It's not major, more a pain in the butt.

At least I can see perfectly now and feel confident about driving in France with traffic passing on that side.

We have been packing stuff in the van ready for the "off" tomorrow morning. Even though the train is at 9.50am we are going to leave a out 8am to get through check-in and the pet check-in for Reggie. With luck we might get an earlier train....

To get around the no-talky Ohrex I have a Bluetooth Cube speaker that also has a wired sound connection. All I need is to get hold of a longer jack to jack lead for it. In testing it worked fine if not a little loud. But siting it on dash is difficult with the short lead I currently have. Hopefully I can get one soon at the hypermarket.

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Suki is back!

A little dirty after the trip to Devon and she has been sitting where I left her in Rye for the best part of three weeks.

She drove really nicely and I was soon back in the swing. The new spare key works perfectly. It's good to have two complete sets of keys. You never know when you will need them!

Being a 2013 model Peugeot she is fitted with a radio and CD player. Our favourite radio stations seem to be on DAB now. I doubt it's worth the expense of changing it for something more modern.

I have grown bored with BBC Radio 2 out out and have no time for their 1, 3 or 4.

So we shall see what it can pickup that's not BBC's output.

As well as a clean inside and out we need to get diesel. With it going up almost daily I think we need to tank up.

Nice to have her home.

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