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Awaycation Winter 2022 - Day 4

Heading further south. Today was supposed to be a shorter day on the road.

The overnight stop being the Camping-Car Park site at Castelnaudary. It should have been about 170 miles.

The reason I didn't want to go further was so we could pop in to see an old friend and workmate who lives in a village between Carcassonne and Narbonne.

There is an Aire in Carcassonne but it doesn't get very good reviews.

Anyway. We had an easy run down the old N20. It was foggy when we set off. More than likely it was mist. As we climbed up and down the hills it got worse and worse. Cars still flew past us.... Radar for eyes?

First stop was in Cahors. When Neill and I came back from Aragón we stayed overnight in the Campanile hotel. I remembered across the road was an artisan bakery. I pulled in and Claire and I went in. A baguette, two pain Chocolat and two cakes later we were off.

The idea was to find a picnic spot for Reggie to have a leg stretch and widdle. Was there one? Non.

In the end I pulled across into an abandoned fruit stall. Once again the itinerant artists had covered every inch in paint.

Once on our way me navigated Montauban and then into Toulouse. Yes into rather than bypassing. Very slow going. At least once the mist had burned off it was around 16 °C and sunny.

One hold up was at the Leclerc in Castelnaudary. With no EHU we are using LPG more. As a result one of the 11kg bottles is getting to be about half full, maybe a little over. Leclerc was selling it for 90¢ a litre. At home you would be very lucky to get it at 90p!!! At today's bank exchange rate of €1.14 to the £ it's 77p. Not as massive a saving as diesel but worth filling up.

But would any of the Gaslow adapters fit? Would they buggery. We gave up. When we arrived at the site, I emailed Gaslow and sent a photo...


They called me back and as expected that white cap shouldn't be there. It's not part of the kit. Tomorrow I'll try to fill the tank again!

We eventually arrived on-site at 3.47pm. Still six hours on the road. Admittedly we did lose an hour on the A20 services to the south of Montauban.

So once on site we parked up. Pitches are delimited with square metal studs in the ground. We have and end and do no one should be parking on our left side where our door is.

Then as it was daylight and still bright, we set off into town. We are right next to the Canal du Midi. We walked along it. In town it seems there are lots of closed down and empty shops. We eventually found a bar open and had a nice chilled beer before heading back.


Tonight's dinner will be steack haché and potatoes cooked in the RidgeMonkey.

Tomorrow I have programmed the Camping-Car parking spaces in Carcassonne into the satnav. There aren't many so if they are full we can abort. Hopefully we can get some pictures of the walked city.

Then we have a visit to John and Ann in Moux. As for the overnight? Undecided.

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Awaycation Winter 2022 - Day 3

Once again sending using email. With WiFi it would be easier to access the
internet but the Camping-Car Park WiFi at Amboise didn't connect and it
looks like Souillac is also not working.


Set set off today about 10.10am. The first part of the drive was to take us
south-east towards Chateauroux to get on the A20. At Loches we stopped and
went into the Leclerc supermarket to get some food for the next few days.
Something we can cook that doesn't need the EHU! Nothing for the

Then onto the A20. As we turned onto it the satnav said stay on it for 130
miles. I thought it would be more.

We had two stops. Today has not seen as much rain on us but we seemed to
have been behind it judging by the spray from all the trucks!!

First stop for lunch and pee break for Reggie. We ate yesterday's baguette
(not a good idea) and some cheese and ham. Coffee was good.

The second stop was for Reggie's dinner..Dinner to us Southerners. Or it's
called tea for anyone from the North of England.

It was beginning to get dark when we rolled through the deserted high
street in Souillac. It seems Wednesday isn't a day for bars and restaurants
to bother opening. Maybe simply not enough tourists about?

The site was easy to find and not far from the town centre. Once parked up
we set off to see if anywhere was open.

We passed on small place that looked like a wine bar. It was showing the
Spain world cup game.

We went up on the main street. Only a "tabac" open. Retracing our steps
there was another "tabac" open but it seemed to be the hostelry frequented
by the screaming moped riders and their mates.

We returned to the first one for a beer. Spain were leading 3-0 when we
arrived and 4-0 when we left. It was chilly sitting outside with Reggie.

Once back we had dinner. Some sausages we bought in Leclerc and beans that
came with us!

Plus another beer. Just one can between us.

Tomorrow I might be able to get some photos in daylight.





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Awaycation Winter 2022 - Day 2

With the internet being what it is I have decided to update using email.
Although paragraphs are set out correctly, it seems that once it arrives at
the blog end it all goes to pot.

Also it seems that any photos attached are "lost".

We set off from Formerie around 10am. We had had a decent enough night and
the small site was good value. It was flat and tarmac. Shame we had the EHU

Our journey to Amboise and the Camping-Car Park there was going to be the
longest single stint of the entire trip.

It was raining again a lot of the time! We were quite close before it held

On arrival we crossed the first bridge to the island in the centre of the
Loire. It wasn't dark and once my card had been accepted we saw that the
vans park on the left. Pitches delimited by logs. It was very wet and the
pitches are all grass. We went past the two vans already there, and saw a
pitch with some gravel near the roadway. I backed in there so the front
(drive) wheels weren't on it. Easier to get off as it was still raining on
and off.

We were quickly off to get into town for a drink and maybe some shopping.

Claire went into a patisserie whilst I stood outside with Reggie.

At a bar we had barely drunk our warm wine and beer when Reggie lunged at
another dog that appeared from inside. The table went over and everything
smashed! My camera was in its bag and that was covered in beer.

Back to the can for wild camping. The EHU didn't work again!

Luckily the leisure battery charges up so we have light. The LPG gives us
cooking and heat when we need it.

Amboise cost us €13.05 for the night.

Tomorrow we have to go to Donzenac to the north of Brive or Souillac to the


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Awaycation Winter 2022 - Day 1 cont'd


After the ferry crossing we emerged into a damp and drizzly Calais.
I had programmed Picard into the satnav and it looked as though it was taking us through the town. Instead it changed its mind and we we went via the A16.
Mission accomplished. Two kilos of Dogador bought and supplies for us from Auchan.
Bought ham, cheese, baguette, beer and of course, water for Reg.
We decided to stick with the A16. Mistake! After junction 26 it was solid traffic due to an accident..
Some 90 minutes later we eventually started moving. The right lane blocked by a truck that had left the carriageway and was half up the embankment on its side. Its load being bulldozed away to allow a tow truck to recover it. When it arrived!
It meant that we arrived at the Camping-Car Park site after dark.
It's not far from the village. But after a long day to travel a mere 150 miles in mostly lashing rain we decided to drink the Raoul beer I had bought. At 7% ABV it was a bit too strong for knock it back beer.
I took Reggie for a short walk towards town during a lull in the rain!
The site here only has six pitches.
We did have a problem with the electric hook-up. It started working then stopped. None of the sockets would work.  We cooked on gas.
It was very cold at around 6 °C and the heating would have been nice. With electricity we can leave it on all night with the thermostat turned low to keep the chill off the air. Not as easy with the gas heater. 
We decided to try again the next night...
Then it was time for bed. 

Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android - hence the terrible paragraphs!!

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Awaycation Winter 2022

Day 1 - On our way!

rain 9 °C

Up early this morning to ensure that we would leave home at the estimated time of departure of 8am.

Final packing of the van and we left home at 8.09am. Not bad for us.

I wanted to be away early for the 9.55am ferry so that we could get to Travelex to get the Euros I had ordered online.

Both French and UK passport controls had no queues and we drove through in minutes. We had a security inspection but no one asked about our LPG being turned off. Instead they swabbed the door handles for drugs I suppose.

Checking in less of a hassle than Eurotunnel. Show the AHC with our passports and we bip Reggie's microchip.

We got a coffee and as I was waiting at Costa for some sausage baps they called us. Simple loading and a lift right next to where they parked us.

The pet lounge is signposted once you get to Deck 8. Couldn't see it mentioned in the lift. A crew member pressed the button.

There are just one other couple with us in the lounge. Unfortunately they have two of Reggie's least favourite dogs with them, a pug and a boxer!

Luckily there are sectioned off areas so they can't see each other.

After a while Reggie went to sleep.


Next stop will be Picard and Auchan in Coquelles to get Reggie's raw food and stuff for us.

P.S. You may have noticed I have removed Sun from the title. The forecast looks like we won't see any this week!!!

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Awaycation Winter Sun 2022

Update Friday 18th November.

This evening I checked all the satnav locations had been entered into the Ohrex satnav. I reported a few problems to Ohrex a while back and they simply sent me a new one! I had most of the waypoints as I knew them in September in the old one. I have now entered them in to the new one.

I was hoping to be more flexible on this trip and make only a few bookings. And that has been the case. In France I have estimated roughly where we want to be each evening, and have selected Camping-Car Aires in the chosen areas. With some alternatives.

After Formerie that I booked a few weeks ago for the first night, I have pretty much left the drive to the Mediterranean coast free. I intend to check on the camping-car app and see where there are pitches free on the day. Hence a first choice and an alternative in some cases. As we have gas onboard we could forego electricity hook-ups (EHU) but if the site has the option and it is included in the overnight price, why not use it?

One other booking I have made is at Calamocha Motorhome and Camper area on the drive up from Olivia/Gandia towards Zaragoza and the north of Spain. Google Maps doesn't do it any favours but the punters on Park4Night app can't all be wrong giving it 4* or even 5*. So tonight I decided to book now whilst I can at €12 a night including electricity.

I also topped up the Camping-Car card with €25 whilst I was spending money. Formerie is already paid for online but to access later sites having some credit on the card might help with getting access. At the current rate it might cover two sites.

We have Reggie's AHC as well. Collected today from Abbeywell in Folkestone. We are lucky that they are local. It's all done online and they need the details of the rabies jab sent to them by the administering vet and they do they paperwork. This one cost £69. In June the first one cost £99.

Another task was getting all the non-clothing related packing done! I have a football boot bag stuffed with chargers for all the equipment including the MS Surfaces we both have, phones and Bluetooth headsets.

Suki unfortunately is equipped with an antediluvian sound system comprising of a radio CD unit. I have been sorting out some CD's to take with us! Latest purchases of Luke Combs and Zac Brown burned from the MP3 purchases made and in my iTunes library.

A test drive today had Suki not starting. Sitting on the drive for two weeks in the cold and damp, plus torrential rain (!) seemed to have been a problem for the battery. I got the dbPower 600 out of the garage to give the battery a chance. Once hooked up to the battery it started first time. I will be taking this with us! I bought this back in 2017 and it has given excellent service ever since. It can fire over a 2.2 litre diesel well enough as well as in the past my 2.3 litre Triumph Rocket III!

We had a run of about 30 miles to Dover and back to dry the damp out of the system and get it running. Fingers crossed on Monday!!!

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Awaycation Winter Sun 2022

Four days to go!

Actually it's more like three and a half days to go. We need to get cracking.

Tomorrow, we have to take Reggie to Folkestone to get his latest AHC, and his microchip to be checked.

We then need to get the van started to make sure that she is running okay. I checked the oil and in the 4700 or so miles we have already done since we bought it, it has dropped a hair's breadth. I have invested a tenner in a litre of oil though to take with us.

Today I have been getting the route sorted and mapping it out in my book for Claire to follow. For the French section out and back I have the AA map book. I my mapping I have entered the overnight stops, the map pages and square where they can be found, i.e. Page 231 C5. Plus a rough distance between each stop. Totting it up comes out at about 3700 kms. This is an estimate based on Google Maps between stops and non-toll routes.

Of course. We still have to pack our personal stuff.


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Awaycation Winter Sun 2022

The Long Way Up!

"What a diff'rence a day made,
Twenty-four little hours,"
(Dinah Washington, 1959)

Not quite 24 hours in this case. The hunt for a vet is over. I was up late into the wee small hours Googling and using the Google Maps overlay together for inspiration. The vets ideally needed to be alongside or close to the N10.

I found a vets website that contained a few different branches that were clustered around the east of Bordeaux and fired off an email to several of them. The idea is to stay at the aire de camping-park at Libourne. I thought that we would be able to visit one for Reggie's AHC and worming tablet to be done the day after the overnight.

Success. This morning we had a reply from the vets in Cavignac. It's about 25 minutes according to Google Maps from Libourne and three days before we land in the UK. Perfect.

It's Sod's or Murphy's Law that after emailing around eight or nine vets since October 23rd and not getting a single response, that today I get two responding from last night's email out! I have written back to both. One to accept the appointment and the other to offer a "désolé but I have accepted another earlier offer".

Also during my late sojourn at the laptop I was looking for a replacement for the Lac de St Cyr aire. It's in the middle of nowhere and some of the reviews say that for a few extra €'s there is campsite next door with all the facilities. I had a look and the campsite closes on the 30th September.

So whilst I was still buzzing I had a look on the Camping and Motorhome Club site. They do bookings for overseas campsites. As luck would have it there is a 4* star, open all year site, near Poitiers at Saint-Georges-lès-Baillargeaux - Camping Futuriste. It looks to be very close to Futuroscope. Whereas the site in Spain had the club price about twice that of booking direct, the opposite is true here! So I booked. It's £18.75 for the night with all services. As with most places the season ends in September and so only the basics are open. As long as we can dump the waste and fill up again all will be fine.

There are supermarkets nearby and we can get provisions and eat in!

Any other changes?

At the moment, but as Dinah sang above....

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Awaycation Winter Sun 2022

The run back.

Of course this all hinges on which vet we manage to get a response from! So far we have struck out!

To make sure that the 120 hours before we step paw on UK soil was not messed up, I mapped out the days backwards from the time we get back.

Then I started to look along the non-toll route from the booked campsite in Haro, in the Rioja, to Calais and then started to chop the trip up into manageable chunks roughly the same size. With that in mind the hunt for a vet could begin.

I ended up working my way back from the Saturday before we come home back to Thursday. If we have no takers I could push appointment back to the Wednesday afternoon!!! As long as it's after about 3.30pm UK time!

At the moment I have possible stops at:

Labenne Ocean
Libourne near Bordeaux
Lac St Cyr near Poitiers
Belhomert near Chartres
Flocques on the Channel coast.

I might change the St Cyr stop as there is a campsite nearby that will give us the extra facilities. I will wait a while before I head down that rabbit hole. After a few nights having to use the onboard facilities it would be nice to be able to refill with water and of course, get rid of the waste!

Each day is planned to be around 220 to 240 kilometres a day. This gives us time so see something, and the day we eventually get a vet's appointment, time to visit for the job to be done and then get to the site. The last day from (currently) Flocques is around 148 kilometres to Calais and the port.

But. As I said it all hinges on the vets!! I have contacted a lot from the Google Maps overlay that was shared with me a while back. Some of the contact details are out of date and even Google searches failed to find the contact. Some others had up to date websites. Hopefully one or more might get back to me. I have concentrated along the N10 from around Bayonne to Poitiers so far. One group has several practices around the south-east and east of Bordeaux. Fingers crossed!

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Awaycation Winter Sun 2022

First stop secured!

The Camping-Car Park site a Formerie is a small one with only 6 pitches and all of them are supposed to have electricity. Seems like a good place for an overnight for the first night of the trip.

I decided to book it early as it is so small. I have monitored it over the last few days and it has been full in the week and today it is showing 3 of the 6 pitches booked.

Once we get across we will need to go to Picard in Coquelles to get Reggie his Dogador food before we head off down the A16 to Abbeville and beyond. For the first night we don't want to be too late arriving so we can get into the village and see what shops there are. There's supposed to be a bakery nearby. Whether it will be near enough to walk to get some fresh bread and maybe a croissant I don't know at the moment.

On Google Maps there does seem to be an Aldi and even an Auchan Locale in the village. There is also a Total petrol station that with any luck will have diesel a a decent price!


We might get time on the way to stop at a supermarket on the way down and buy all the things that as a "third nation" we can't take with us. Oddly we have the same food hygiene and biodiversity standards as when we were in the EU but not this isn't good enough now.

"Lass uns gehen". "Vamos". "Allons-y".

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Awaycation Winter Sun 2022

Where's my passport?

I was following up on the the late night Googling to check that the camper park at Calamocha was going to be a good overnight stop on the way north.

On the booking form on the laptop (WIN10) it works in English and Spanish. Unlike my Moto Android phone where English date selection is up the spout. One of the questions asked is the "carte d'identite" - passport to us British. I went to get it. Ah. Not where it ought to be.

Wracking my brains (what there are!) and I couldn't remember where it could be. I pulled out the gear I wore to Aragon, my tankbag. No sign of it. I pulled out the filing cabinet under the shelf where the passport old and new reside. Nothing. With boots, shoes and clothes in a massive pile I lifted the lid of the printer to the scanner glass. There it was! Panic over!

I remember I had to send a copy of it to the bank recently. PHEW!

So now back to the booking check. Calamocha checked out but not booked. A quick email to see if I can do it from the computer a week or so in advance to save the messing about with Android not working. Awaiting reply.

I did however book the camping site at Camping Haro. One night with electricity all done and dusted. Only €5 needed as a deposit. With the pound sterling being so weak, that is now £4.35! I paid it off straight away to keep my card relatively clear until we go away when it will be the most used form of payment.

So where next? After Haro we have five overnights left before we need to be on the ferry home. As the ferry is 1435 local time, if we are camping not too far away we can easily getup there and get some shopping done before checking-in. For the last night I am looking at the camping car-park site at Le Crotoy. It looks a bit far from the town and the shops and of course, a bar/pub! But it's one of the places that the experts on the motorhome forums say is "a must do". We'll see. It's €11 for the night and there is electricity for 20 of the 29 places only.

That will leave us 4 overnights to come up through France. I am afraid that will be dependent on where the vet is. So far I have fired off a few emails to vets along the route and have had the sum total of zero (none!) replies.

The first stop back in France is liable to be somewhere around Mimizan.

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Awaycation Winter Sun 2022

Still planning - 26 days to blast-off

Yep. Planning is still underway.


I have pretty much got the route south from Calais planned out and there has maybe been one change and that is near the southern end. I am sticking with the idea of taking the A20/N20 (and its departmental derivatives) on the way down.

This is the route that my ex-workmate and friend, John, who we may drop in to see, takes from UK to his house in the Narbonne area. The distance from Calais to Alcossebre using no-toll is around 1050 miles. I find it easier to work in miles when planning a route.

We have five overnights between the ferry and the apartment in Alcossebre. We can't check in to the apartment until 4pm or thereabouts and so it means we have pretty much all day to drive down the (now free) AP7 motorway from France. According to Google maps it's about 260 miles from the last planned stop in France at Laroque des Albères. Plenty of time to maybe pop into see the see if we can find a dog friendly beach! Although it does seem like a lot of Spain claims to be dog friendly but doesn't extend that to the beaches, even in the off season.

So the only change for the way down is to cancel Revel Camping-Car Park stop and change it to Castelnaudary. The route have been checking over and over on Google with no tolls set as the filter looks more direct. Plus it's only around 500m from the town centre and shops and restaurants. Tonight when I checked it is actually full so we may need to book in advance rather than turn up on the off chance. We may have to fall back on Revel if it is full when we need to overnight there!


I haven't done a great deal of planning for the run back north. I was sidelined looking at options for Summer 2023! It's so easy to get sidetracked!! What I have decided is that we will come back up the A10/N10 route that will get us to Tours and then up

Anyway. We have 9 overnights after the Alcossebre week in the apartment. I have already used two of them heading a little further south to stay at the KM Zero Camper Park near between Oliva and Gandia to the south of Valencia. We had out honeymoon in Denia and I had thought about a visit there but didn't like any of the camper "aires" that were there. So this is a little to the north of there. Maybe another time!

So that leaves 7 overnights. Using Google maps with the filter again for non tolls it gives a route back up past Valencia to Sagunto and then the A23 to Zaragoza. I looked at a campsite on the CAMC overseas booking site at Haro in La Rioja to the west of Pamplona. It's a site with all the facilities and is open all year. Booking direct looks a lot cheaper than through the club though. I'll leave this for a while in case I change the route.

From KM-Zero it's about 360 miles and I am trying to keep mileages each down so that we aren't driving all day! After all we are on holiday and want to see something rather than blatting past!

Then I looked at breaking that 360 in half. There aren't that many options and many of the free aires don't get that good a write-up! However, Camper Park Calamocha did. Reviews are pretty good and it has EHU. It's probably unmanned as you need to book on your phone or computer and it will send a gate code. I tested it and in English the calendar wouldn't work and so I had to try the Spanish version that does! Luckily, I have my notebook to make a note of what it will ask and have written the translation down! I just have to remember to take the book with me!

And that's as far as I have got so far. Still five overnights to book and also I have to find a vet to administer Reggie's worm pill and sign the AHC! I think I will look somewhere around Tours for that service.

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Awaycation - Summer 2023

Looking forward to next summer. After this summer, when I went with some friends to the Czech SOC Rally and on the return came back via Bavaria and Germany, I thought a family trip next summer would be good.

Where to start?

The country is simply massive. Do we choose the wine route through the Mosel and Rhein? Or the north and follow the trail through to the old East? Or head for Bavaria? Maybe the Romantic Road?

Romantic Road website

Claire and I did a part of the Road in 2011 on the way back from Czech. That time we were in the car. We only stayed one night in the area and that was in Creglingen at the youth hostel.

So I need to work out how to get down there and obviously the length of the trip. To help with that I have the Bord Atlas. This lists thousands of places to stay in Germany. Not all are free but many are, with many more reasonably priced.


It comes with an additional book with places around Europe. A useful tool.

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Staycation Hythe

After a few days away in the van to the Cotswolds and the NEC we took Suki back to the storage site. She'll be there until November 6th when we have to get her out before they close for the winter. Officially she needs to be out by noon on the 7th, but we have our usual volunteering and pilates sessions then!

So today. Vanless but not carless, we decided to take a walk along the Hythe Ranges with Reggie. Hythe Ranges have been used for several hundred years for the armed forces to practice their aim firing at targets and even in actions involving buildings.

Today they weren't shooting. So we parked up near Fisherman's Beach and tool a walk along the shingle past the Martello Towers. when we set off it looked like rain and so we togged up in coats and walking boots. It turned out to be sunny for most of the walk and we were soon regretting the choice of over-wear.

DSC_3108.JPGDSC_3112.JPGlarge_DSC_3111.JPGlarge_DSC_3115.JPGSpot the pigeon!

Spot the pigeon!

On the way back we stopped for a coffee and a really nice piece of treacle tart at the The Lazy Shack.


Then it was time to go home as the clouds began to roll in and the sky got darker and darker... it rained and then stopped and this amazing sky replaced it to the west. The Nikon wouldn't take the rainbow that was to the east though. The shutter was paralysed!


The rain and even distant thunder appeared later in the evening.

Where next? For me it's Kent Greyhound Rescue tomorrow morning and again on Thursday morning. I feed and exercise the ex-racing greyhounds at the foster home in Hythe.

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Staycation NEC

What a disaster the first part of the day was. Plain sailing as far as the M42 and then solid traffic.

Apparently the improvements to Junction 6 that will be completed by 2025 will be a marvel. Sadly it means for another three years there will be chaos and pollution from the miles and miles of traffic in the jams in both directions. Add to that the Coventry Eastern Bypass that is still under construction although fully open in "Autumn 2022" and the area is a nightmare.

ETA was 1115. We arrived at 1205. The nearest car park to the halls is the Eastern carpark. We could see cars going in and even a motorhome but we along with hundreds of cars were directed past it to the northern car park. It was miles away. It was also full and nowhere to park a motorhome. Some car spaces and that was all. The idea we had to leave Reggie in the Van and visit him was shot to pieces. This parking needed shuttle buses to get to the show... Had we been able to park!!!

We managed to get out and when it looked like we were not going to get parked sensibly we decided to abort. Rather than mess about going to Warwick Racecourse we aborted. We stopped on the Coventry bypass at a Greggs and bought a baguette and coffee each.

Our next stop was at the services at J15A on the M1. Traffic heavy as they are still working on the smart motorway around this area. When I say working I mean one lane is coned off. There weren't actually any workmen to be seen....

We ate here and Reggie had a break and a walk. Next stop South Mimms. Getting there meant more heavy traffic even after the smart motorway works finished. Stop start on to the M25. Stop start to the A1M. Reggie had his dinner in the van at South Mimms and we were off. More heavy traffic until the A10 and then it freed up for most of the way over the QE2 bridge into Kent. Eventually arriving home about 5pm.

The CAMC site tried to ring and I tried to call back. I had already emailed to say we couldn't make it and expected to lose the pitch fee. It couldn't be helped. I did call back but it was engaged. I sent them an sms to the number explaining we had aborted and also emailed CAMC.

So a bit of a disaster. The Cotswolds is well worth the trip and I expect we will be back again. Broadway seems a good site but maybe Moreton on the Marsh would be better as there is an off road walk to the town that Broadway lacks.

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