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Staycation West Country

Another night added

What started as a few days away for our wedding anniversary has expanded a little! Until Covid came along to ruin people's lives, and travel became impossible in the face of a global pandemic, we always managed to get away for this event!

Most often to Spain to use a week in the the timeshare and once (or was it twice?) to the US. All these times we either had a dog free life or Reggie went in to the kennels. With covid meaning vulnerable people like me had to work from home meant that Reggie got used to me bing at home all the time. Claire retired a few weeks before the UK locked down! He still follows us around the house two and a half years since lock down started for me on March 12th 2020!

Anyway, I digress.

I have added yet another night to the trip. I was looking for a site to break up the journey back from the Severn coast in Somerset and perhaps that wasn't too far away from a village or town. Having learned a valuable lesson in France not to plan days that were basically too far to drive in the Van, I was looking at much shorter days. So Moreton in the Marsh jumped out at me. The site is quite near the town centre and there is an off road walk from there to the shops and pubs etc. With Reggie not being good on roads, avoiding the A44 that runs right past the front of the site seems like a good idea.

What's next? :)

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Staycation West Country

.I have added another night away on our trip to Somerset for our wedding anniversary. It's at another CAMC site near to Burnham on Sea. The site is Hurn Lane Club Site.

It's a short walk to the sea and one of the longest beaches in Europe. Amazingly, this beach is dog friendly all year round.

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Staycation West Country 2022

Four nights in the not-so-wild West

We always try to get away for our wedding anniversary and this year is no exception.

Instead of jetting off to Spain or the US we will stay in the UK and will take Reggie with us in Suki.

We like to have a minimum of two nights when we stay over at a site. One night is okay when in transit, but simply no good when you might want to see something of the area.

So first two nights we are at the CAMC site at Cheddar. It's close to the town and a little longer walk to the world famous Gorge. It's also the birthplace of the famous cheese!

The second two-nighter is not that far away at Old Oaks Camping & Glamping near Glastonbury. Not for the music festival but for the folklore!

I am looking at maybe a single overnight to break up the drive home. As yet I haven't found a site that is on the way without a massive detour.

We are limited with places to go as we have the dog and he is anti public transport. He hates buses and trains! So we need a site that is close to points of interest and maybe a pub, within walking distance at least.

Maybe just stick with the 4 nights away?

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Awaycation Winter Sun - Revisited

After the rather expensive experience with Eurotunnel I have been looking at the alternatives.

The ferries from Dover to Calais or Dunkerque are much cheaper than the Shuttle even in November when there are less likely to be throngs of holidaymakers in their car and motorhomes making their way across. I have been looking at midweek fares.

Maybe booking through the Caravan and Motorhome Club (CAMC) might get a discount as it did when we went in June.

At the moment for (roughly) the same dates and times the different crossings (with dog!) work out at:

DFDS - Dover/Calais £218 inc Reggie.
Irish Ferries - Can't book anything beyond October '22
Eurotunnel - £351 inc Reggie!

I haven't bothered to check what P&O Ferries could offer as I don't feel I can travel with them after the mass sacking of over 800 UK based seafarers in the Spring. Saying that, Irish Ferries did the same a few years ago and it seems they have been let off the hook!

The difference is quite startling. We went on the last trip with Eurotunnel with Reggie in the van to avoid him being left alone in the van on the crossing. personally I don't think he'll be that bothered. We'll have to see what we can arrange. The price difference of £133 would pay for a week's campsite fees!

Hopefully by then the cost of fuel will have come down. Considering that crude oil prices are back to the level they were before the Russians decided to invade the Ukraine. We'll see eh? Profiteering was illegal during the Second World War, about time that the allied governments applied the same rules now.

We still have to decide where to go. I was thinking of a "dash" of one night stays along the non-toll route down the west side of France towards Spain. Too late in the year and the more central routes will be cold and maybe even icy. But that would put us on the "wrong" side of France for the Cote d'Azur?

So maybe a "dash" down the eastern side to Lyon and beyond would work?

Suggestions and recommendations invited.....

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Staycation West Country 2022

We always like to go away for our wedding anniversary and for many years our destination was to Spain. We have also used the timeshare that I bought off a friend of a friend in 1993. We have had some good trips away and have used it to go to Florida and Arizona as well as France.

So now that we have a motorhome we may try and combine the timeshare and the motorhome into a few trips. I have quite a few years I have "banked" with (RCI) that we need to use. Due to covid we have already had to pay the annual maintenance and haven't been able to go! I am also £180 in charges in credit. Maybe that is something for 2023?

Anyway, back to Staycation West Country. Plans are being formed to go away and stay at a couple of sites in Somerset. Land of apples and cider. Plus Cheddar cheese. I have booked two sites in Somerset already to take us up to and over the wedding anniversary weekend.

Now I need to extend the time away to make it worthwhile. Where next?

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