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Czech Trip 2022 - TomTom Hell

When the TomTom fails you every day...

I ended up direct messaging TomTom on Twitter as they seem to have shut off the link where you can log a ticket. They also seem to think that a public forum is the best way to resolve problems their customers and users are having. I also posed the problem there and have not seen a reply from anyone yet.

In response to Twitter, they suggested I reset the 410 from the menu in the settings area. I have done this. This meant I had to login again, and enter the basic setup, language and re-link to my phone. The maps and the included routes were still there. I need to make a few changes to the settings because when I disconnect from the laptop it shuts down.

So I need to get out on a ride and see if the problem exists or whether it has been fixed doing the reset. Any TomTom Rider experts out there?

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Czech Trip 2022 - Day 8

Bastogne and Home....

The last day started with breakfast at Carpini and then we packed and left. We had paid on arrival and so with reception unmanned we simply packed the bikes and left. I had re-arranged some of my luggage to make sure that the snow globes were in the top box and surrounded by clothes. I also wrapped each one in a clean sock.

Leaving Carpini

Leaving Carpini

We set off for Bastogne. Phil at the front and me at the rear. It took about 55 minutes to get there and we parked up in the special bays for motorcycle. All you need is our own padlock or a disc lock like I used.

Moto Lockers at the Museum

Moto Lockers at the Museum


It was then that Giles couldn't find his wallet. he had everything out and it was nowhere to be seen. The last time we had paid for anything was the restaurant about 10pm the night before when we all paid €22 for our pizzas and beers. He called the hotel and they had a look in the room and couldn't find it. He decided to ride back and meet us later. I lent him the €30 in cash I had in case it was lost and he needed petrol. We said we'd go in the museum and meet him in Dinant that was to be our lunch stop. Off he went back to the hotel to check for himself.

Phil and I took the audio tour of the museum. I took a few photos. Al they ask is that flash is turned off. Easy enough to do on the phone. The audio tour introduces you to four characters and as you progress through the museum, they provide commentary and details of their live. Two are local, a boy and a teacher, the others are a US soldier in the 101st Airborne and the last a Wehrmacht officer.


The story of the siege and the resulting US Army relief of the town is told as you progress. There are several dioramas and movies, one in 3D to tell the story. You need to go to see how magnificent this is.


Giles Whatsapp'd us to say that he was on his way to Dinant and would bypass us on the motorway and that his wallet had gone missing. Presumed someone picked it up and kept it. it had cards and his driving licence but hardly any cash money. I programmed TomTom for Dinant only using TomTom My Drive app. And off we went. I turned off and Phil disappeared from view.

He had stopped to speak to Giles and I hadn't seen him. I got on the N4 northwards and waited at the side of the road. All three of us knew where we were going and so I set off. As it was taking along time to appear on the signposts I pulled into a petrol station and filled up thinking that I could check the map in the top box, when Phil came past and stopped. I paid and we set off. I followed him. We finally made it to the large motorcycle park right on the river. Phil sent a WhatsApp message to Giles to give the location. We had a coffee as we waited.

image-5f09d410-c917-48d6-a1c7-0ba947af2f8a.jpgimage-47f9b929-3e0f-4867-9ea1-57f3adbcc985.jpgimage-82f19c3d-7fb6-4af4-b891-30af67698e48.jpgBritish Classic Stinkwheels on Tour

British Classic Stinkwheels on Tour

Once re-united it was all hands to the pump and don't spare the horses to get to Dunkerque. We were a little late and we were supposed to check-in two hours before sailing. At 4pm. We arrived at 5.14pm and sailed right through and in a matter of minutes onto the ship. We even had a crew member tie the bikes down. Phew!



Giles in motion

Giles in motion

All strapped down on the DFDS Ferry.

All strapped down on the DFDS Ferry.

Once in Dover we waited for a tug to take an unaccompanied trailer off and then we were off into the Dover evening. The others were staying in a B&B in Folkestone and also wanted fuel, and so as we went past the BP on the A20 near Western Docks I waved then goodbye and went home.

All in all an eventful trip.

The start mileage on the odometer when I rode away on Day 1 was 10077 and on return is is 12298. A total mileage of 2221 miles for the trip.

Lessons learned:

  • Take full textile kit and full length boots as you can't tell what the weather will be like.
  • Try to plan shorter days in the saddle.
  • Check whether the TomTom upgrade that has caused the problems is solved before going away.
  • Take larger scale maps!

And that is it really. Next year the Rally is in Southern Moravia near Znojmo..... :)

Timeline 1st June 2022

Timeline 1st June 2022

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Czech Trip 2022 - Day 7

Still a bit angry and embarrassed I set off with Phil and Giles on the Romantic Road. Ever northwards.

The first stop was planned to be Nordlingen. A city built inside the crater of a meteor strike millions of years ago. It was easy enough getting in to the centre and we took a coffee break. We had thought about going up the tower to see the extent of the crater. It was closed. Doh.

Then we were off to the next stop, Rothenburg ob der Tauber. We should have done this as a lunch stop on the way east. I had located a motorcycle park in the centre but my TomTom decided to eff up so we couldn't get to it. In end we parked up in one of the car parks just outside the walls.

My first stop was to the Kathe Wohlfarht shop. I wanted to get a snow globe for Claire. We bought one years ago and it broke recently. In the I bought two small ones that I could fit in the luggage.


We had another coffee and pee for free, then off to do battle with the A6. It's miles and miles of roadworks, miles of trucks...

At one stage after miles of lane splitting we came across an overhead advising of 10kms of "queues". We'd already done around that before the sign!

We stopped again to check the maps and my TomTom decided to work and I led pretty much all the way into Luxembourg right to the hotel in Bascharage. ! The area looks to be made up of new looking buildings and plenty of construction.

Parking a little tight as the Carpini also has a popular pizza House onsite. In the end we parked okay..

Pizzas and beer then bed.


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Czech Trip 2022 - Day 6

Romantic Road

Today is the day we cross back into Germany. The initial plan was to incorporate a visit to the Berchtesgaden and then Neuschwanstein Castle. After some Google time we dropped Berchtesgaden as the reviews on various sites advised that the park and ride was a time killer. We simply wouldn't have the time. Given the amount of roadworks everywhere we have been plus the PITA of TomTom and BMW Navigator hiccups, it made sense.

The ride from Lenzing should have been straightforward. Phil led Giles and I picked up the rear. My TomTom had its first wobbler before we made it to the A1! Our first stop was the A8 Aire by the Chiemsee. It's amazingly peaceful considering the A8 traffic is flashing past at unlimited speeds!!


We arrived at Neuschwanstein after several stops to check the map and satnavs. Checking on the Google Maps timeline it looks quite straight!


On the way in we could see the castle coming into view and stopped for a few pics.

The castle is a speck in the distance

The castle is a speck in the distance

We headed into the town and struggled to find any free parking. Ending up €3 lighter paying to park. We then found that all the tickets for that day had sold out within seconds of the ticket office opening. Bollocks.


We had lunch and took a few photos and then got on with the Romantic Road!


We had a rough route northwards from Füssen to our overnight stop in Friedburg near Augsburg. But it would need signposting on occasions to keep us on course.

The weather was good. The rain banished. We arrived at Gasthaus Kriesi in really good time. Parking was a bit odd and this is where backing into a space, I hit the kerb and lost the weight of the bike and it went down gently on the right side. No great damage but a scrape on the crash bar and the right Shad pannier. Bugger again.

After a while the owner asked if we wanted to park under cover and moved his car. If he had done that earlier I might not have dropped Vera.


Dinner and then Phil found some maps and leaflets on the Romantic Road and so we replanned the next day. Friedburg to Rothenburg ob der Tauber and then back to the A6....

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Czech Trip 2022 - Day 5

To Brno and beyond!

Sunday we were breakfasted and away. Then we found that the hotel didn't take cards. After two years of COVID lockdown cash has become an anathema to us in the West. Not so in the depths of Northern Moravia. In the end Roman the current president of the centre paid and I agreed to send him the 1000kč we owed.

There were no holdups as we left. No waterproofs either. The destination to was eventually end up in Lenzing in Austria and meet up again with Giles.

We arrived at my friend and former school colleague Lilka's house in Popůvky around 11am. Actually the first time we had arrived on schedule anywhere let alone early. Our old Suzuki Owners Club friend and the guy that started the Czech Centre back in 1984, Ivan, arrived on the bus. At 74 he has had to cut back on riding his bikes and missed the rally as well.

We were joined for the BBQ by Jarek and Tomáš, Lilka's husband and son, and Jiří our other biking friend. Jiří had brought some cakes he had baked and also for me some homemade spirits, slivovice and some flavoured gins.


With bellies full we left and Phil gave Ivan a lift back to his flat in Bohunice. And then we were off south to Mikulov and into Austria. Then of course it rained. At the Shell station in Mikulov I put on my waterproofs and managed to get the new overboots on! They have a long zip but getting my foot in was hard work. They stayed on for the next 300 kilometres!

When we arrived in scenic Lenzing Giles was there to greet us! We checked in and stripped off all the waterproof gear. A nice shower and change into civvies just in time for dinner. I had the soup with liver dumplings and a Caesar salad.


A beer to wash it all down and I was ready for bed. The day had been about 650 kilometres.


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Czech Trip 2022 - Days 3 & 4

Into Czech.... and the rain!

Day 3

We were up and ready to leave the Plzen hotel by around 0930. We had a reasonably shor day today to get around Prague and on the D11 to Hradec Kralove. Simples with a detour to the Church of Bones in Kutna Hora.

Of course TomTom had other ideas. Instead of the D11 it decided that a few detours through hosing estates on the eastern edge of Prague were needed before we settle down to the S12 instead. Slower? Yes.

Eventually we arrived at Sedlec and the ossuary. I last wen tin 2011 and then it was basically pay on the door and then photos were allowed (no flash). Today. Information centre down the road and no photos at all. That's progress for you.

It is still pretty macabre with the bones of hundreds of not thousands on people arranged in "displays"! it doesn't take long to get around and I was glad of the senior discount!

We decided to forego a coffee and head off for Hradec to meet my ex-student Rosta.

Then it started to rain.

Phil was wearing his Rukka gear. I was in the ill advised (as it turned out) summer gear with light waterproof over jacket and trousers. My boots are also waterproof. I togged up. Phil changed gloves.

Rosta texted to say meet at a café near his house. Of course, that came in when we were on the road. We stopped near his house and I picked it up. I tried to WhatsApp call him and he couldn't hear. After a few tours of the city in the wrong direction, we eventually went the right way and stopped about 200 yards from where we had tried to talk on WhatsApp! Lunch was Czech goulash and knedliky.

After chatting and eating we togged up again. This time we had decided to go direct to the rally in as time was getting on. Again TomTom decided that the route I had programmed wasn't the one it was going to take us on. We missed the end of the D11 and ended up heading towards more closed roads on the way to Sumperk. Had we gone the ay I had planned we had the chance to "bag" Poland for a few hundred yards and avoid the roads closed.

At one point we arrived to find the temporary closure due to a cycle race. We were let through and I led. There was no sign of Phil so I decided to park and wait. Then I needed a wee. I was about the go behind a tree when the peloton arrived and shot past along with outriders and support vehicles. I tried again. More cyclists. A lad and a girl. I waited until they had gone..... Relieved I set off and caught up with Phil. It was still hissing down. By now my feet were wet.

Why wet feet if you have waterproof boots? The rain ran up the boot. The waterproofs, despite the waist as high a Simon Cowell's trousers and when standing, the leg cuffs over my feet, sitting on the bike they rode up and my socks got soaked.

We finally arrived about two hours later than planned. The welcome was great. We had our own rooms with shared facilities. Not too bad as it was only me and Phil in our part of the floor.

Dinner, beer, more beer, shots of coffee flavoured rum and some deadly slivovice meant we slept well.

Day 4

Up relatively early considering the late night and alcohol. It's hard to say no.....

The plan was for a run to some classic bike racing but it was still raining. I had a walk around to look at the bikes and then I to the village. Camera at the ready. Actually. Phone camera.


Then it was rally games. I came fifth in the eating competition. I don't know if there are photos! Ten M&M's on a plate hidden in whipped cream... The idea to locate the sweets and drop them in a cup. Phil was hopeless.

There a few other games I avoided when taking the photos above. Then we had the quiz. A quiz to see how much we knew about Suzuki. Somehow I won....

Lunch and we had a relaxing afternoon doing nothing. After the ride across the continent and all the road closures and Satnav hiccups it was nice not to be on the bikes. We also decided on no alcohol. Mmmm.

In the late afternoon the Czech Centre had a meeting to discuss their subscriptions for the year, where to have the rally next year and finally whether to extend their profile on Facebook and Twitter.

Then we moved to the raffle. We bought 5 tickets. Three for Phil and two for me. In the end Phil won a Suzuki oil filter.... Useful on his BMW. I won over boots!


I can't help thinking this was either divine intervention or that someone fixed it knowing I got wet feet!!!

Another slivovice was "forced" on us and then we had dinner. Some interesting chats with guys from Brno, about of all things football and the situation in Ukraine.

We heard from Giles that his bike was fixed. He had been towed to a B&B near Wurzburg and had ordered new coils on Amazon Prime to be tracked and delivered on Saturday midday. They had arrived and were fitted and he was on his way south in Bavaria to meet us Sunday afternoon in Lenzing in Salzburgerland.

Bed. Day 5 we set off for home.

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Czech Trip 2022 - Day 2

Roads closed and coil disaster!

We were away from the hotel pretty early and the first stop was petrol. Vera was doing far more to the gallon than I had expected and so I wasn't really in need, but Giles on the 1982 Katana 1100 was.

I had planned a route that would take us back a little to the Rhine and then we would follow it to Rudesheim before hitting the faster route to Wiesbaden and then the A3 towards Wurzburg.

We accomplished the first part. The first petrol stop on TomTom was actually closed down. The pumps removed and it was a car dealers. We carried on until St Goarhausen where the station was open. We filled up there. We couldn't stop by the Loreley statue and so carried on. Then it all went to pot.

The road ahead to Rudesheim was barred and we had to strike off left away from the Rhine and into the hills. The road would be great to recreate the Isle of Man TT! Smooth tarmac and sweeping bends all through a thick forest. We didn't see any "umlietung" signs to take us back to the Rhine, and we ploughed on. Eventually stopping to reset the satnavs at a bikers café - Wisperstube.

From there the newly routed satnavs took us to where we would have been had we gone through Rudesheim.

It should have been plain sailing all the way to Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Wrong.

After Tauberbischofsheim where we stopped for fuel it all went wrong. Another road closure. This time the satnavs gave us the alternative of the motorway. We'd miss this end of the Romantic Road.

Instead fate interrupted with Giles' bike going onto two cylinders. After some checking it seemed a coil.had failed. Time for the AA.

When we were certain that the local breakdown service was coming Phil and I set off for Plzeň. We had lost about 2 hours waiting to get through to the AA. Giles wanted us to go as he knew we had about three hours to the hotel. The ADAC patrol was on its way.

We decided on the direct route and the Romantic Road could wait.

We arrived in Plzeň at the Hotel Plzeň about 9.15pm. They checked us in and we hurried over the the attached pizzeria. We had had no lunch and were hungry. The hotel is very modern. There were six German bikes already there. For €35 the room was spacious and comfortable.


Breakfast was a buffet and good.

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Czech Trip 2022 - Day 1

View Czech Invader 2022 on InvictaMoto's travel map.

I was up at 5.15am to get washed and dressed to set off for the ferry port at Dover. 

Most of the packing had been done the night before.

The ferry to Dunkerque was scheduled for 8am and due to increased security since we left the EU we were told to be there 2 hours before sailing time.

I arrived at 6.20am. The queue such as it was consisted of three cars. My passport was stamped and I was on my way to DFDS to check-in in about 5 minutes.

We then had over an hour of standing about before boarding. When we went to the ferry there were less than a dozen cars in the queue.
The crossing was smooth and it was nearer 11.30am when we emerged onto French soil. 

The idea to cross Belgium without stopping and into the Eiffel mountains and a scenic ride to near Koblenz.

Sadly this all went to pot when French and Belgian roadworks added more and more time to the trip. 

In the end we had to abort the cross country section mainly due to over an hour inching around Brussels. The ring combined roadworks and road closures. A great combination.

In the end we arrived at the hotel. Checking in meant phoning for a code to open the locked key box by the door. When it was booked we chose one with a restaurant and a bar.

The day before arrival we had a message via booking.com to say that these were closed. But that there were others nearby. We eventually ate at Zum Engel although they didn't seem too pleased to have us.

They closed as soon as a party at another table left.  

We eventually got another beer at the campsite down by the river. If we had gone there first we could have eaten too. The people much friendlier.

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Czech Trip 2022 - They Think It's All Over - It Is Now!

And now the end is here, And so I face that final curtain, My friend I'll make it clear, I'll state my case, of which I'm certain, I've lived a life that's full, I travelled each and every highway, And more, much more, I did it, I did it my way,

And back home. Eight days on the road and 2212 miles under the wheels of the V-Strom.

When I get time I'll write up about the places we visited, the highs and lows, and of course add some photos taken on my phone. I did take the Sony pocket camera with me but hardly took any photo on it.

Somewhere in Germany!

Somewhere in Germany!

On the Romantic Road in Bavaria

On the Romantic Road in Bavaria

On the Romantic Road in Bavaria

On the Romantic Road in Bavaria

Just three from the Sony Cybershot!

And this is a rough map of where we went in the week. It includes all the places that the search engine can find so it's not exact!

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Czech Trip 2022 - Hotel Pilzeň

Stayed here last night. Right in the centre. Secure parking for €6 per car space. Easily fits up to 4 motorcycles. Really good rooms and excellent buffet breakfast. Thoroughly recommended.



(Blog entry sent from Yahoo Mail. The photo looks okay on my phone, not sideways as it appears here.)

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Czech Invader Rally Trip - May 2022

Comfortable on the bike

The test of the Hommiesafe airseat wasn't the miracle I was searching for. Tweaking the air in it to get comfort wasn't too successful. It barely has any in it.

So after years of thinking about it I bought some lycra lout padded shorts. If they can help with cyclists arse pain, then maybe me too on Vera!


Fingers, no, buttocks crossed ..

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Czech Invader Rally Trip - May 2022

Day 3 - The plan anyway!

Once we have enjoyed what Plzeň has to offer the Englishman Abroad we need to get across the country from west to east and the Rally site. I had a few things planned for the way across and in the end I dropped most of them apart from the Church of Bones in Kutná Hora and a side trip of around 5 miles to "bag" Poland.

In addition, I have planned a short stop to see my former student and friend Rosta Kříž in Hradec Králové. We should make good progress as the road from Plzeň as far as Hradec Králové, the D11, is mostly motorway. It's after that where we will be on ordinary roads.

To "bag" Poland on the trip I am hoping that the border between the two countries near Boboszów is not manned so that we can ride straight through and back out again unmolested. If not I guess we bluff it or turn around! On Google Maps Streetview it looks simple enough with just signs explaining the speed limits etc. The reality might be different! If you know better then comment away!

Once back into Czech we head along the roads to Vernířovice. I have another fuel stop planned before we get to the rally hotel. This is to ensure that should the club have a ride out on Saturday we have full tanks.

And that should be it. A nice relaxing evening catching up with things and hopefully Phil and Giles picking up the long distance awards!

Czech Trip Day Three

Czech Trip Day Three

Boboszow PL

Boboszow PL

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Czech Invader Rally Trip - May 2022

Day 2

The second day starts near the Rhein and ends in the Czech Republic in Plzeň. It's a fair old drag but once again a mixture of scenic and motorway to knock off the miles.

The start of the day sees us head back a little towards Koblenz and then along the Rhein on the northern bank to Rüdesheim am Rhein and towards Frankfurt, now on the A3. After about 90 miles of motorway we drop off and join the Romantic Road to Rothenburg ob der Tauber. After that it will be all motorway to the Czech border and to Plzeň.

I have planned in a stop at the motorrad parking in Rothenberg so the team can see the old buildings that form the medieval centre of the city. And maybe the Christmas shops!

The day looks to be about 350 miles but we should make good progress on the motorways! I have only once stopped in Plzeň for a quick lunch stop many years ago. Hopefully if we leave the hotel after breakfast around 9.30am we should be in Plzeň around 6pm. Plenty of time to enjoy a walk around and maybe a few of the local beers that the city is very famous for. It is where Pils comes from!

Czech Trip Day Two

Czech Trip Day Two

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Czech Invader Rally Trip - May 2022

Day 1

The first day is liable to be a long one! Mileage wise it is about 320 miles with about two-thirds of it on motorway/autobahn. One fly in the ointment is that to get from the coast to Germany means having to negotiate the Brussels ring-road. In my experience only getting through or past Antwerp is worse!

One off the A3 just inside Germany we play tag with the border before the first stop at the Bikers Ranch. Lunch. I hope. From then we are on a meandering route to try and get in as many "green" or "scenic" roads as shown on the Michelin Maps.

We have had an email from the hotel in Bad Ems to say that the reception in closed and we need to phone to get someone to open up for us. The restaurant/bar is closed but there are alternatives nearby. "On the Road" we always choose hotels with restaurants/bars either onsite or nearby to save riding the bikes and also so we can have a beer or two!!

Czech Trip Day One

Czech Trip Day One

So five days to go!

I suppose I had better start looking at what to take. With limited carrying capacity exacerbated by the problem with Europe is that you simply canty guarantee the weather, is what to wear on the bike!

Do I go full waterproof textiles? Or maybe Hood Kevlar jeans and lighter jacket with waterproof over gear?

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Czech Invader Rally Trip - May 2022

A week to go....

sunny 19 °C
View Czech Invader 2022 on InvictaMoto's travel map.

Just a week before we set off for the east of the Czech Republic for the local Suzuki Owners Club Rally. In fact, Phil and Giles will actually be setting off on Tuesday to come across from the west country to Dover. For me it's a 14 mile ride from door to door (as it were!).

As well as having everything printed I will have some of the details on my phone. In fact, I'll have multiple copies of all the stuff I need to have with me. One in the tank bag and others (!) in the top box. Belt and braces!

Today I copied the routes from MyRouteApp to the TomTom. At the same time I saw that there are map updates for Europe and the US. I don't usually bother with the US upgrades but whilst I am at it I might as well let it run.. 🤯

The updater came up to say that to do the download would take 10124 hours.... it changed before I could get a photo... to 1 hour 24 mins. Phew.

I also downloaded and installed the DFDS app to my phone and logged in. It shows the last check-in time to be 7.15am for the ferry we are booked on. I will aim for well before 7am arrival at the docks. Looks like a very early start. Just like going to work! The app also says that you can enter the API (Advance Passenger Information) using the app. I can't find that and so whilst I still have a laptop to hand I entered my passport details for the booking through the website! Is it worth an email to DFDS to ask about the app? Hardly worth it now.

Today it is a day for changing the bikes over in the garage and relegating the Suzi the Kettle to the back and getting Vera Strom to the front and giving her a check over. She is well within the service limits and the tyres are almost new. A bit of oil on the chain. I'll use the Scottoiler oil I have left over from when I had one fitted to the Kettle.

Oh and of course the UK sticker needs to be found a place! maybe on the back of the pannier? Which side? Decisions eh!

And finally. I have to fit and tune the new air seat cover to my butt's needs. The V-Strom is a really good motorcycle. It does everything you would expect from a 1000cc v-twin. The gearbox is slick and typically Suzuki in operating but... the seat is terrible. I have tried using the Alaska Leathers sheepskin pad that I have used before on the BMW and Triumphs (since 2004!) I have had in the past. But to no avail. After fifty miles it feels like my butt cheeks are numbed and then painful!

So I bought a Hommiesafe inflatable seat cover.

Hommiesafe Air Seat.jpg

It gets great write ups on the V-Strom forums. It needs only a little air in it to take the pressure off. I will fit it and see about a few test rides to fine tune it. Perhaps ride up to Arsenal for the last game of the season on Sunday rather than take the train. It's 75 miles each way?

That 1h 24m turned out to be nearer 3 hours in the end before it had downloaded the maps and the other little changes and then installed on the 410. Still, that's it for another three or four months.

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