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Bip & Go!

Filing has always been my downfall. I usually just chuck everything in a box and search through it when I need something.

That didn't work for the "new" Emovis Tag they sent last year. It has been unused as we haven't been able to travel!

So with a trip to France coming up and the hope we can actually get away in the summer I had to order a second one. So another €20 up the swanee.

And then... Today after it arrived, I found the original. I now need to get onto the website and send one back to get the refund.

The new one comes with a UK sticker instead of the old GB one.

Emovis UK Sticker

Emovis UK Sticker

Why bother with a tag? We have been using one in the cars for a number of years, five I think, and it means that there is no messing about at the toll stations with cash or a credit card. Simply drive up and wait for the ping and the barrier goes up.

I have tried using it when on the bike too. Miraculously with the tag in my top pocket of my riding jacket it still works I was going to cobble together something where I could have it on the screen like in the car but in the end it wasn't necessary. In France the toll for motorcycles is less than for a car. I was dubious that it would work it out and even Emovis themselves said to check the account once back in the UK or when I had access to a computer to check that they had charged the right amount. So far so good.

One of the good things about having two tags is having two little clips to affix to the windscreen inner, one for the car and one for the Van!

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