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Awaycation Winter Sun 2022

More overnight stops investigated!

The Ohrex seems to think that the best route down is to go right down the centre of France. The only problem with that is that there seems to be a rabbit hole of aires and places to stop overnight on the non-toll route. Whichever route we take we still need to have four nights in France.

So I have decided to revive my own plan to go down the A20/N20 route towards Toulouse. The first and fourth overnight are unchanged but I have changed the middle ones to make the distances to travel shorter each day. I am looking to travel around 175 miles or so each day between

The revised overnights are probably going to be:

- Evreux
- Chaillac
- Caussade
- Alenya

The overnight at Camping Blanes is booked for the last night on the road before we arrive at the timeshare. The day will mostly be on the AP-7 (which is now toll free) and looks to be about 200 miles. we can't check in until 4pm so I guess we have all day.

Maybe a quick pass through Malgrat de Mar where we went on our first ever holiday to Spain in the late 60's. It was after my grandad Charlie had died and we went as a family with my "nanny" Lily and Aunt Yvonne, as well as mum and dad and Neill. I had to google to see if the Hotel Planamar is still there.... and it is. Although it looks a bit different to the one we stayed in!

I need to get onto the way back soon. We have 9 overnights between the timeshare and the ferry and so there is scope to go deeper down the Med and then turn for home.

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Ohrex Satnav Upgrade

What a palaver!!

I took a backup of the folders on the Satnav last night and saved them to the laptop. There is only one main folder called NAVI.

Secondly, this morning, I downloaded the massive 6.6gb RAR file from the link Ohrex send in an email with instructions in a PDF.

Simples. After 6 hours I finally managed to get one RAR downloaded, but only after multiple failures when it was part way through.

Then I connected the Satnav by the supplied USB cable. It's USB-mini and luckily they supply a cable. Everything I have now is either micro, USB-A or USB-C.

Only then once the RAR file is downloaded and unzipped (7-zip) can you format the satnav drive! Yes format.

Once formatted then use Windows to copy the NAVI folder from the unzipped folder to the satnav. Copying at 2 to 3 mb/sec means that over 7gb unzipped will take a while.

Much easier with the TomTom where you connect and let if check for upgrades....

It took way over an hour to copy from the laptop to the unit.

Once it had finished I disconnected it, switched it off and on and saw that of course all my favourites and history had been deleted. It would after formatting the drive!

I sent Ohrex a message on Messenger from their FB page. I got a quick reply to copy the SAVE folder from inside the NAVI folder from the backup to the unit.

I turned it off and on. The history appeared but favourites was still blank. I did the old switch it off and on routine and the favourites link lit up. Phew. It means I don't need to enter the co-ords again!!


Now I have done it once it is simple enough. It's just the download that could be the breaker!

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Ohrex 7" Satnav

I bought this piece of kit a few weeks ago to use primarily in the Van. I have a TomTom Rider 410 that I use on the bike and until the Juke came with its own, in the car.

It's a budget buy. There is always an element of risk when straying from the established, and often, very expensive names. At £69.99 it is the Bluetooth enable version and I connected it to my phone.

The mapping isn't quite up to Google Maps level and intuitiveness went out of the window. If you are used to using anything that uses Google maps to search for addresses or locations, then you might need to work harder to get the Ohrex to locate and plan a route.

It does have an address lookup, but several of the test places that I used weren't found. It has a "helpful" system when it comes to finding a place. Start to type London, and as soon as you have got Lon typed the keyboard cuts out all the letters that you can't use. In the end a couple of the campsites that I need for the "Three go to Devon" trip couldn't be found at all. In the end I located them on Google Maps on my phone and then did a map search on the Ohrex unit to find roughly where I wanted to go. I definitely miss the Google Maps overlays that shows places from McDonalds to hotels and all kinds of other places of interest.

One useful feature is that you can enter the place you want to go go by the GPS coordinates. This is easily found on Google Maps and right clicking on the place and enter the coordinates into the satnav. I had to do that for a few of the places where we will stay or simply visit en-route.

So once you have it programmed. What is is like on the road? The bracket fits easily enough to the windscreen but the unit itself is a little tricky to get to clip into it. It's also hard to get it out when you want to lock up the van and leave it on the driveway!

Ohrex 7 inch Satnav

Ohrex 7 inch Satnav

Ohrex 7 inch Satnav

Ohrex 7 inch Satnav

Once it was in the bracket and switched on. The internal battery seems to last about 2 minutes. It comes with a power lead that plugs into the accessory socket. This seems to be the only way it stays powered on. Of course, every time the engine stops the power to the unit is lost.

Although I have the volume on the highest setting it's not the best to actually hear directions! Luckily it comes with an FM setting where you can set a frequency on the radio and match it on the unit. This actually worked very well. The Peugeot radio though detects when the unit is talking and searches for an active channel! So I have set it up as FM button 6!

What is not so good is the screen dimming. I have found a setting but you can only keep the screen active for a short time. Whilst I prefer voice commands it id often good to be able to check the screen for that turn it has told you about! The screen re-lights if you touch it. It also thinks that you are trying to set a waypoint! I have extended the time it is lit up to see if that makes it any better.

The unit came from Amazon and is supposed to have the latest maps installed. How you check? I have no idea. SO I have emailed the support desk to ask about how I find out, and how to download and install the free lifetime upgrades!

Oh. One annoying thing. Although it says it is for trucks, cars and motorhomes/RV's it is programmable. The only setting I can get to allow me to type in the Van's dimensions is labelled "lorry". I can change the name to "Elddis" and enter the height, length and width, but it still thinks we are in a lorry. A van or motorhome over 3500kgs can be driven on a normal car licence in the UK. It is also able to travel as if it was car, i.e. speed limits. A lorry however, over 3500kgs, is restricted to a lower set of speed limits and also on access to place. So when obeying the 60 limit is annoying when the unit says to slow down as the limit is 50, when it is posted 60!

So far it hasn't taken us under any bridges too low and not wide enough. Although today as we followed the instructions given to us by the campsite it did seem to try and take us down a narrow lane!

So far. A little challenging but it works okay.

As we use it more and more over the summer I am sure it will be okay.. otherwise it will be factory reset and appear on eBay!

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