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Three go to France 22

Taking an animal to the European Union!

Since we left the European Union the effects of "Brexit" stretch far wider than anyone would have guessed when it was proposed. After all the EU was supposed to be a trading bloc offering free trade amongst its members in line with the old name of the Common Market. Gradually though it changed to become the lawmaker for all the countries, whether they liked it or not. A complete closed shop.

I voted to stay in the EU in the 2016 referendum that was put before the British people. The government of the day was confident that the majority would be in favour or staying. They were sadly wrong. The vote was very close but over 50% of those that voted chose to leave. And here we are a "third country".

Despite the UK enshrining every whim and wish passed by the European Parliament, and the unelected Commission, into UK law here we are being treated like the naughty schoolboy that went over the wall to play football rather then do double maths.

I voted to remain as it was what we knew, however terrible some of the "directives" were rather that the unknown. No one could have imagined how petty the unknown would be, and is.

One of these is the restriction on taking animals from the UK to an EU country. We are no longer able to use the pet passport scheme that worked well, but have to use a system that is virtually similar.

We don't have rabies in the UK. Being an island and requiring animals to be vaccinated against getting it is very important. There are some species of tapeworm we don't have in the UK. And guess what? Animals coming here have to dosed up with a tapeworm killer before they set paw in the UK. It's the same as before but more bureaucracy involved. And of course, greater cost.

Reggie will need a rabies jab at least 21 days before we go to France. So I will book an appointment for him in late May. BUT. We go on June 29th so there will be ample time to get the done when I return from the Czech Republic on June 1st. The next two days are the Bank Holidays for the Queen's Jubilee.

The paperwork has to be completed no more than 10 days before we leave the UK. It last for 3 months. So I need to book an appointment at the vets to get that signed off. Our local vet practice in Hythe handled all this previously but with changes and a shortage of qualified vets (back to Brexit again!) we need to travel up to Ashford to the hospital to get that done. Cost? Currently unknown!

Before we bring him back he needs to have the worming done. This must be done at a vets between 24 and 120 hours before paw it set down on England's green and pleasant land. Our return crossing with Eurotunnel (more on that later!) is 15:50 CET on July 14th (Bastille Day).

So I checked our itinerary to see when would be convenient. We arrive in the Somme region on the afternoon of July 12th. I have booked an appointment with the vets we went to before for them to do the worming and the paperwork. It's a little over 48 hours before we travel home.

We are booked in the Chateau de Drancourt camping for two nights from the 12th and so we can go to the vet first, and then onto the camping near St Valery sur Somme.

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